Granny Flats & Studios

Granny Flats & Studios

Granny Flats and Studios

Build a space for family, finances and the future

Adding a self-contained space to a home has grown in popularity on the Central Coast in the past couple of years, and with good reason.

A granny flat (and hey, you don’t have to have a granny to go in there!) offers Central Coast families a comfortable space for extended family to stay without disturbing the day to day routine in the main home, plus could offer an opportunity for rental income.

Many families also like the idea of moving parents into an on-site residence, which can help the family financially and with childcare, and also give everyone peace of mind as parents get older.

We’re also finding that many homeowners are interested in building a studio on their block. Backyard studios are incredibly versatile and can be used for a home office, art studio, pool house, or kids’ play room.

With a well thought-out design and some clever landscaping, granny flats and studios can actually add to the visual appeal of your garden. You can get quite creative with the external finishes, opting for a matching look and feel to the main home, or going for a more rustic look that is soft and natural amongst a garden setting.

Consider the level of integration you’d like between the main home and the granny flat or studio. It can be completely separate with its own footpath entrance, or you can join the two buildings with decking, pavers or pathways.

There are quite a few rules and regulations around building a granny flat or studio on a residential block, so we’ll need to discuss the rules for your specific council when we talk about your ideas.

If you’re considering building a granny flat or studio on the Central Coast, get in touch and we’d love to hear your ideas.

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