Give your Central Coast home an upgrade

If your home is feeling a little like economy class rather than business class in style AND space, a home extension can not only give you the extra room you need but also breathe new life into your home.

A clever home extension can completely change the personality of a home for the better. Humble three bedroom homes that might have been OK when the kids were little, can transform into the modern homes that families now want, with second living areas, large open kitchens and vast outdoor living areas.

If you don’t have much room on your block you can achieve great impact with a first-floor extension, this also gives you opportunity to include some knock-out features like double-height ceilings in living spaces. Even when you don’t have a huge floor area, adding height gives a true wow factor to a home. A quality home extension with W Residential will never look like an extension, it’ll seamlessly blend with your existing home, even if that means giving the existing structure a little boost into the 21st century.

Adding bedrooms and additional living spaces can add great value to a home on the Central Coast, so an extension can be a very savvy investment for a property owner.

To brainstorm ideas and get an idea of cost for an extension for your Central Coast home, get in touch with Adam.

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