Story behind our Outdoor Living Rural Property
Clients Brian and Vicki have an amazing rural property near Dural, North West of Sydney with killer views,
but no extended outside living area to further capture and bath in that tranquility.

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The deck has a westerly outlook. We wanted to not completely block out the sun but to have substantial shade, so we faced the battened very close together 
so with the mid-day sun came a lot of shade but as the sun set you could capture that through from the westerly outlook.

We also incorporated a fire pit into the timber deck, which took a little bit of engineering so that is was safe and not combustible.  

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For the decking boards we ran with NSW spotted gum. The rest of the structure is made out of design pine, which is an exterior treated, pre-primed product. 

A clever concealed fixing system was used on the pergola, so you couldn’t see any of the fixings. All the hand-scrolled details were marked and cut by hand.

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Meanwhile inside, a custom Wine Cellar was built crafted out of cedar. 

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The wall is triple insulted. The cellar needs to stay at a consistent 16 degrees, all year round and given one of the walls is external, it took a lot of insulating.

The door is a double skinned door with a drop-down sealer, when you close it activates and drops down and seals it off to the ground. 

IMG 3719 copy

IMG 9096 copy

With the raised garden beds planted out, the deck looked like it was a part of the original build.
It seamlessly fits in with the existing house and studio, creating flow and balance.
In the practice of feng shui outdoor spaces like this not only add a sense of calm and tranquility to the area, they also attract positive chi resulting in
increased harmony, balance and prosperity.

The finished product is beautiful and really creates a tranquil place for the family, now having a usable space at the rear of their property
to admire and take in that breathtaking view.

So Yes, even as Central Coast Builders, W Residential does travel further afield for that project we just couldn't resist or say no too. 

If you could benefit from an add on to your outdoor living space or would like some bespoke carpentry done at your place, get in contact with W Residential
your Central Coast NSW Builders, building up and down the coast. 

Call or email: 0408 050 050   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss all your available options for your project. 

Sunset on W Residential build deck